NOW AVAILABLE: The 2015 CCM Compendium

By On January 13, 2016

The 2015 Catalogue -“Today I Am a Lion” – from “TODAY I AM A BOOK” – by Extie Ecks -Selections from “THIS BORING APOCALYPSE” – by Brandi Wells -“The Difference Between” –… Read More


ANNOUNCING: The 2015 CCM Compendium

By On December 7, 2015

CCM is pleased to announce the first annual CCM COMPENDIUM. This is an idea that’s been bouncing around in the back of my mind for at least a year now, and thanks to… Read More


NOW AVAILABLE: The Quarter 4 2015 Catalogue

By On December 2, 2015

“Ben Brooks is a magical imp who pumps out dark nuggets of poetry and makes you snort with laughter.” — Noel Fielding Product page | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads  … Read More



By On October 8, 2015

October 8, 2015: This has been bugging me for quite some time; this crazy idea that won’t leave me alone. It began as an idea tossed around in a comment thread of… Read More


CCM featured as part of Origami Zoo Press’s Heartfelt Goodbye

By On October 7, 2015

CCM Publisher-in-chief, Michael J Seidlinger, was interviewed by Sam Martone of Origami Zoo Press as part of the “What Will Fill the Void” series. Click here for the full interview.… Read More


NOW AVAILABLE: The Quarter 3 2015 CCM Catalogue

By On August 25, 2015

“‘I do not believe in—.’ As a boy, Jamie Iredell was unable to finish this sentence, and he continues to search for an answer in Last Mass, a powerful lyric exploration of his… Read More


NOW AVAILABLE: The Quarter 2 2015 CCM Catalogue

By On April 30, 2015

“Sean H. Doyle is a punk rock sailor shaman with a message from way down below decks where the guys with horns and hooves go jet skiing on a lake of fire.… Read More


CCM featured in Poets & Writers May/June 2015 Issue

By On April 29, 2015

“‘We’re coping’ is the motto of the Fairfax, Virginia–based press Civil Coping Mechanisms. Publisher Michael Seidlinger says, ‘We adhere to the idea that literature, especially bold literature—writing that doesn’t shy away from… Read More


The 2015 CCM AWP Presence

By On April 2, 2015

  AWP 2015, Minneapolis—Civil Coping Mechanisms will be running rampant throughout the conference with over a dozen authors in attendance including xTx, Brandi Wells, Robert Vaughan, Alexandra Naughton, Lily Hoang, AT Grant,… Read More


NOW AVAILABLE: The Quarter 1 2015 CCM Catalogue

By On March 2, 2015

“Today I Am a Book ​actually feels like many books​,​ wound ​expertly ​into one. ​It’s a book of compelling narratives​. A book of destabilizing experimentation. A book that entices you with wild… Read More