CCM is pleased to announce the inception of a new addition to our publishing endeavor, WHITE RABBIT. To be edited by author and events curator, Kalliopi Mathios, White Rabbit seeks to publish children’s books that cultivate curiosity and original thinking while, at the same time, stretching the modes of the children’s book. Inspiring readers of all ages to think outside of the box, White Rabbit books will spark imagination by offering a brand of innovation that is often overlooked by mainstream publishers. White Rabbit exists under the belief that children need not be marketed to, but rather provided balanced, beautiful, well-written literature that instills a lifelong passion for reading. The imprint is planned to launch in the Fall of 2015 with titles from Dorothea Lasky and Porochista Khakpour.

For authors and illustrators interested in submitting work to White Rabbit, note that the imprint means to publish books for kids of all ages, with the possibilities being limitless, from books for toddlers to YA and everything in between. Disgruntled inner-child’s, daydreamers, and experimental creators are welcome.

With White Rabbit, we hope to inspire younger readers to use their imagination, to follow the white rabbit to their next favorite book.



shout out to my main bitches and my side bitches 

here are some recommendations for things i have enjoyed recently:

women by chloe caldwell

bad blood by luna miguel

illuminati girl gang edited by gabby bess 

the blue hour by karina briski

bushwick review edited by kristen felicetti

anaconda by nicki minaj

excavation by wendy c. ortiz

takahe by stacey teague

pressure, titanium & bone by sarah jean alexander

bunny collective founded by samantha conlon

the chronology of water by lidia yuknavitch

six dead dogs by rachael lee nelson

sadmess & why-fi by ana carrete

beyonce at the vma’s by beyonce knowles

true life: i married scott mcclanahan by juliet escoria

i am here by ashley opheim

& the female fear by stephanie georgopulos

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