Able To/Always Will by Ctch Bsnss

ISBN: 978-1-937865-75-7
72 pages
Release Date: August 15, 2016
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Publicity Interest

“A tale of elusive revelations is rendered through interruptions and undercuts in Ctch’s Able To/Always Will. Like the thin lines of this snakelike text, meaning bares itself undeniably and a breath later, twists and coils back into the basket of the charmer. Every assertion is cast in excruciating doubt. Is it 4 am? Am I able to? What is sacred? What is an act? Whether we know for sure or not, we always will. Knowing while not knowing, that’s the paradox that drives this meditation on dialogue in the digital age.”
–Monica McClure, author of Tender Data

“Beneath Ctch Bsnss’s yearning is a reminder of the persistence of language at its most magical, and of the consequences of the sometimes crippling burden of society’s claim on women: to be able / to rise to the occasion / to always do what’s best.”
–Laura Theobald, author of The Best Thing Ever