Fires by Nick Antosca

ISBN: 978-0984603794
230 pages
Release Date: September 29, 2011

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Publicity Interest

It’s almost as if the pages read previously seem to shape shift, other, hidden words perhaps welling up from in the page, illuminating the paper, the ink and everything brought by it in such different light that you almost felt like you’ve read a different book. A different book with bigger hands and sicker breath that you’d first imagined. A book buried in itself.
– Bookslut
Antosca’s characters might be unhinged, but they’re all so engaging that when they get involved with each other, we want to be involved with them as well. And when their relationships take them to some very dark places, well, they lure us down with them.
The Lit Pub

Deer running through a ghost neighborhood. A boy trapped in a basement for eight years. Three young people locked in a violent sex triangle. Come inside.

Already caught between the ambition and alienation of life at an Ivy League school, Jon Danfield must come face to face with a revelation about his small-town past. His journey will take him away from the halls of privilege and into the heart of the monstrous forest fire threatening his childhood home. On deserted suburban streets lined with perfect houses, Danfield must confront an American dream corroded by unspeakable acts of cruelty.

Includes additional short fiction from the author: “Girlfriend Game“, “Rat Beast“, and “Winter was Hard.”

Fires is a striking work reminiscent of James Salter (A Sport and a Pastime) in its combination of a cool unforgiving eye and a hot intensity of feeling and sensual immediacy.”
—John Crowley, author of Little, Big


Fires is fantastic. It s often dark, often startlingly beautiful, and it s crammed with a smoky, foreboding atmosphere that kept pulling me along, thrilled and a little scared, toward the end.”
—Scott Heim, author of Mysterious Skin and We Disappear


Fires is a novel full of creeping menace and near-apocalyptic lunacy … the book is a blast to read.”
—Victor LaValle, author of The Ecstatic

 is an American author of literary fiction. He is the author of five books, including Fires, Midnight Picnic, and The Girlfriend Game.