I Am Ready to Die a Violent Death by Heiko Julien

ISBN: 978-1937865214
194 pages
Release Date: November 15, 2013

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Heiko’s voice throughout is both uniquely his own and ungraspable, always slipping away, just when you thought you had him.
– Bookslut
Weaving together poetry and prose, conscience and disconnect, even apathy, on personal and social levels, Julien’s [I Am Ready to Die a Violent Death] is a collection of sometimes witty, sometimes moving observations and juxtapositions.
Dazed Digital

If we were standing at the top of a tall building I would tell you I am afraid of heights.
If we were at your mom’s house I would tell you I am afraid of your mom.
If we were on drugs I would tell you I am afraid of ‘on drugs’ and that maybe if we worry about the future enough together maybe we can stop it from coming.
–from “I Do It”

“I have huge admiration for Heiko Julien’s I Am Ready To Die A Violent Death. Prose that actually feels like the 21st century. Rare. Exhilarating. I love this work.”
–Mark Leyner, author of The Sugar Frosted Nutsack


“Heiko Julien’s prose pieces, poems and fragments are where the Buddha meets the internet—the trope of the shark, the void and the triangle in a state of simultaneous orgasm with the holes we feel we need to fill, the terrifying reality, the wanting to be a man of the people (but slightly better than the people) and the fear. Julien is a writer who never says ‘or’ only ‘and.’ This book is non-duality at its most neon.”
–Melissa Broder, author of Meat Heart and Scarecrone


“What’s constant in Heiko Julien’s work is that he’s engaging directly and nakedly with his experience of being a human being. He’s a poet in the old sense: he’s trying hard to find wisdom and truth, like Socrates or something. That’s an important aspect of literature to keep alive as we move forward into the forms of the Internet. Heiko Julien is a model of someone who refuses to live an unexamined life.”
–Steve Roggenbuck, internet bard


“I feel excited about Heiko’s writing and I don’t feel excited about many other things I think.”
–Ben Brooks, author of Grow Up and Lolito

 (b. 1986) is an American poet, short-story writer, musician, and Internet personality. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Heiko’s stories, poetry, and essays have been published in n+1, Thought Catalog, Pop Serial, Shabby Doll House, and The Lifted Brow.

Heiko has cited authors Mark Leyner, Ben Brooks, Tao Lin, and blogger Steve Roggenbuck as central influences. Heiko became well known in the alt lit community after his self-published ebook, also titled I Am Ready to Die a Violent Death, went viral in August 2012, drawing over 50,000 hits from various online sources. His style is often characterized by a hybrid of poetry and prose. His work has been described as being preoccupied with memes, media, and online community.

Heiko’s second book, a novel, is scheduled.