Ohey! by Darby Larson

ISBN: 978-1-937865-43-6
140 pages
Release Date: May 1, 2015

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Publicity Interest

In Order to form the United States and establish the People of the United States and Justice, We establish a more perfect Justice. The People of the Union and Justice, We, to form, in Order to form a more perfect People of Justice. The United States of a more perfect Union, in Order to establish the People of We, form a more perfect Justice in Order to establish it. So, We form a more perfect establishing of Justice just as the People of Justice formed the United States before us. We the People of a more perfect Union establish the United States for a more perfect People of it. But in Order to insure the People of a more established Justice feel okay about it, the Union, in Order to insure the People of the Union, forms a more perfect People of the United States. This insures the People of the Union feel insured and a more perfect Union forms. The United States and the form of the Union, to establish Justice, forms a more perfect Union. Meanwhile, the People of the United States establish a more perfect People.
–from “Pramble”

“Darby Larson is a lyricist. He might be the Eminem of prose fiction, but probably not. Perhaps he’s more like Sage Francis or one of the guys from Definitive Jux, but my guess is no. Hip-hop comparisons aside, Larson’s got some skills where putting words together is concerned. He’s definitely an artist who adeptly uses literary devices such as assonance, alliteration, and wordplay.”
–Joseph Michael Owens, PANK

 is the author of The Iguana Complex (Mud Luscious Press) and Irritant (Blue Square Press). His writing has appeared in Caketrain, New York Tyrant, and elsewhere.