You and Other Pieces by Corey Zeller

ISBN: 978-1-937865-50-4
182 pages
Release Date: December 2, 2015

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There’s a village whose main inhabitant is the sound of distant gunfire. Hours float by like the shuffling of blank cards. Like an infant inside a bombed-out building playing with a bowl of oranges. Like this pier where two factory workers cast their lines from a boat. Because fishing is prayer. Is the catechism light makes with water and the bare, brown trees which surround it. Is the smokestack morning. Is waiting to see a blue curtain part in the window of a house where everyone is sleeping. Is a cook smelling his own hands after work. Too tired to eat. And with hands as worn as a cutting board. And with the scent of spices he’s never owned still lingering in his hair.

“If there was any remaining doubt that prose is the new poetry, or that prose-poetry is the new sublime, along comes Corey Zeller’s intimate, winningly melancholiac collection You and Other Pieces, which will wring your heart out, over and over and over. Allow this book to treat you to all the secrets about yourself that you would never otherwise come to know.”
–Gary Lutz, author of Divorcer


“Zeller not only builds worlds but, exploring the cracks between language and reality, deftly makes them strange, absurd, surreal. You and Other Pieces offers that perfect alternation of soberness and absurdity that allows these pieces to worm their way into your head, demand your attention, and then keep on wriggling long after the book is closed.”
–Brian Evenson, author of Windeye


“Do not be fooled by the claim that this book of fiction is making, namely that this book is not a book of poetry. If I know anything about such matters of naming, what I know is this: that You and Other Pieces is a book of poems disguised as a book of fiction. Corey Zeller is a tree in wolf’s clothing, in other words, or a leaf that used to be a stone. This is the real fiction being proposed here by this book and the bigger truth behind such ambiguity of name-calling is what makes Corey Zeller the writer that he is making a name for himself in those literary circles where seeing and saying makes a world of what it is and what it is not.”
–Peter Markus, author of The Fish and the Not Fish


“With an acute eye for specifics, Corey Zeller unravels rupturing narratives, narratives that refuse to follow time, insisting instead on exploring every possible sideline of memory, association, and escape, narratives that explode into sheer momentum, dissolve into poetic suspensions, and pursue the limits of linguistic precision—relentlessly and gorgeously. ‘I want to yell a pearly thing,’ he says. And he does.”
–Cole Swensen, author of Gravesend

lolcat-perplexedCOREY ZELLER is the author of Man vs. Sky (YesYes Books) and You and Other Pieces (Civil Coping Mechanisms). His work has appeared in Gulf Coast, Puerto del Sol, Mid-American Review, Indiana Review, The Colorado Review, The Kenyon Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Diagram, Salt Hill, West Branch, Third Coast, BOMB Magazine, The Literary Review, The Paris-American, New York Tyrant, New Orleans Review, Green Mountains Review, The Rumpus, PEN America, The Journal, Verse Daily, Bat City Review, among others.