YOUNG AMERICANS by Jordan Castro

ISBN: 978-1937865047
244 pages
Release Date: February 1, 2013

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Publicity Interest

The poems, about family, friends, drugs, social media, and ultimately self-worth, are often painfully serious. And young.
– Book Riot
When I Instagrammed a photo of my iPad featuring a page from Jordan Castro’s book Young Americans and then, while I read the book, the author liked my photo and then sent me an e-mail saying ‘Thank you for posting re Instagram,’ I felt as though I’d been baptized in the Church of Alt Lit.
The Tangential

i experienced a strange despair
after imagining my dad
in bed
crying and touching his face
pulling at his nonexistent hair
repeatedly saying ‘i just want to be a fun, creative uncle’
and ‘why doesn’t my family appreciate me’
–from “Something Weird Just Happened and I Felt Really Sad”

“Before you read these poems: go and check out what The New Yorker is pushing as poetry. Then open up Young Americans, seems obvious what Jordan Castro is doing is doing is revolutionary, he is expressing emotions through poetry that have never been done before. The style, the way the subject matter is portrayed, even the meter, are new.”
—Noah Cicero author of The Human War, The Insurgent, and Best Behavior


“If you are a person who doesn’t really know what they are doing and you would like to read about a person who doesn’t really know what they are doing either, I recommend reading this poetry book. I enjoyed reading these poems. Or something.”
—Chris Killen author of The Bird Room


“I read these poems three times in one night, then put the duvet over my head and held my knees for a while. It’s good when something makes sense. I really really liked these poems.”
—Ben Brooks author of Grow Up

 (b. 1992) is the author of the poetry books if i really wanted to feel happy i’d feel happy already and YOUNG AMERICANS. His work has been published by Thought Catalog, Hobart, Muumuu House, The Fanzine. He lives in Lakewood, Ohio.