We’re looking for work so conceptually or aesthetically innovative it simply can’t be published anywhere else, fully embracing the surreal, the avant-garde, the postmodern. Work in alternative genres is encouraged. We want literary objects infused with otherness: So new, so different, that they renovate our notion of what literature can be.

As of September 2018, CCM is closed to all, unsolicited submissions. 

*During the months of February, June, and September, CCM hosts a week-long competition called Mainline. The contest consists of a rapid review and selection of submitted manuscripts with daily reports delivered across social media. Mainline is not a replacement of standard submissions; rather, it acts as a second, sometimes more immediate, means of submitting to our press.*

(Update: Mainline will not be happening in 2018.)

NOTE: We’ve been trying to avoid this for some time but it’s gotten to the point where we have no other choice… Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we can no longer respond to every submission. If your manuscript fits what we’re looking for, we will contact you as promptly as possible.

Thanks so much for the support. We’re coping.

For orders: CCM values its relationships with bookstores and libraries nationwide. If you would like to order direct via a highly competitive discount, contact us at: